Turmeric Raisin Sourdough

Turmeric Raisin Sourdough


Our wild yeast sourdough with housemade turmeric paste and soaked raisins! Made with a natural wild yeast starter, and is given time for slow fermentation, which increases digestibility and creates a unique, mildly sour flavor. Our wild yeast sourdough makes great toast and open face sandwiches, either sweet or savory!

ingredients: Filtered water, GF flour (millet, sorghum, tapioca), wild yeast starter (filtered water, brown rice flour*), flax seeds*, raisins (raisins*, sunflower oil*) turmeric paste (turmeric*, black pepper*, cardamom*, water) olive oil*, psyllium husk*, salt.
*=Organic ingredients

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ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Made in a facility that processes common food allergens, including dairy eggs and tree nuts (no peanuts or gluten)